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Masayo is dividing her time between Japan and southern California. The medical treatment she received in Osaka for the POEMS Syndrome that was diagnosed two years ago is working its magic. Her strength is coming back and she is clear of other major symptoms.

Masayo will come this November so that we might attend a four-day conference hosted by, the wonderful meeting place for composers and the film/recording industry. We have been submitting our music to Taxi for a few months and we are learning a great deal about what is necessary to work in this very exciting arena.

Masayo and I have begun in earnest this new chapter in our musical lives moving from working as a performing organization to working as a composition team.

We started with about ten works for string ensemble, generally string quartets, some with double bass, a couple with added violins as well.

We have a series of tunes we call 'Gypsy' jazz--a violin or two, acoustic guitar, upright bass, or two trumpets and the same rhythm section including some great latin percussion.

We wrote and recorded music for a film, 'Looking for Lenny,' which centers on the professional life of Lenny Bruce, stand-up comic and ground-breaking social commentator. Masayo wrote nine great tunes evoking the music of New York City circa 1965, with a bit of Kansas City blues and some sweet, sweet Songo.

We recently released our latest CD!!!

'In the Blazing Moonlight'

This one features our first BIg Band tune, 'Be Consistent', along with four more contemporary pop jazz tunes, including the title track. I recorded a trilogy of tunes written for Masyao, 'Waiting For You,' Here and There' and 'Coming for You,' and the CD features a couple of ambient works, 'Whispers' and 'Here to There.' We also produced a second version of 'Moving On,' rocking out on the Koto.

"In the Blazing Moonlight' is available at as a packaged CD or as individual mp3 downloads, along with our other recordings.

'Traveling to Find a Bluebird'

'At the End of the Day'

'For You'


We have a few videos for those more visually attenuated at

Masayo and Robert


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Masayo Norikura


Robert Williams

Wind Synthesizer

'At the End of the Day'






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